Signage FAQ

Q: How do full color graphics help my image?

A: Full color graphics can help make your business look more professional and consistently branded. High resolution and full color graphics also increase the customer’s perception of the quality of the service and/or product.

Q: What is the Process for getting a new Sign?

A: Please see our process page to learn more about the process of getting a new signs with Signal Signs

Q: What materials can be used in the construction of my sign ?

A: We have the ability to use many different types of materials, from extruded plastics, acrylics, glass, wood, co-polymers, copper, brass, aluminium, steel and composite materials. Materials are available in various different colours and finishes.

Q: What fonts can I choose from?

A: We have an extensive archive of fonts to choose from allowing you to specify the font style you’re looking for, or we can suggest what would best suit your company style, we can also recreate old artwork designs.

Q: What will the final product look like?

A: Upon confirmation of order we can provide you with a photographic representation proposal of your sign.

Q: Files and Software Signal Signs Supports

Supported Applications
-Corel Draw 12
-Adobe Photoshop
-Adobe Illustrator
-PDF (print only)

Supported Drives
-USB Flash Drives

Q: Can I use copyrighted images and logos on my sign?

A: Yes, but you will need to seek permission from the owner first.

Q: Will my sign require a permit?

A: Yes, generally All signs visible from the road will require a permit for the county/city/landlord. Please note that it can take up to 30 days for permitting.

Q: How long will it take to manufacture my sign?

A: The Turnaround time of your signage may vary on the type. Below is a list of various situations that might answer your questions concerning the turnaround. Please keep in mind these times may vary depending on artwork, permits, and location.

Monument Sign = 3 -4 weeks
Pylon Sign = 3 -4 weeks
Construction Site Signage = 1 week
Storefront Signage = 3 -4 weeks

Q: What guarantee dose my sign have?

A: Our signs are completed to the highest possible standard and are currently supplied with a 1 year guarantee from the date of the completion of the installation.