LED's Vs Neon

Not sure if you should go with LED’s or Neon in your next sign? Well here are a few helpful things to keep in mind.

Some of LED’s potential advantages over neon are:

• LED’s are far less fragile. Neon tubes are more susceptible to breakage both in transit and during installation.

• LED lighting can result in power savings of 90% or more

• Using LED can mean a lower overall cost for you. LED is a more efficient light source, and the electrical transformer is smaller. (and cost less!)

•LED is a more focused light source. An LED module produces a “cone” like beam of light, where neon produces light from all sides of the neon tube.

• LED is a more environmentally friendly product. Neon often contains mercury.

• Because LED lighting is a low voltage system, fire hazards are virtually eliminated.  Insurance costs may be reduced by using LED lighted signs.


However, with all of these differences neon still has its place. Here are some of the examples where neon illumination can be better:

• Neon illumination has a warm glow that many think LED has not yet matched. This is particularly true for reverse and front/back lit channel letter signs. Neon’s 360-degree illumination is very easy on the eyes.

• Some custom colors can be better matched with neon. If your concerned about a specific color match (such as a logo color), neon may be a better choice.

• Open face channel letter signs still require neon – LED is not yet a viable option.

So the short answer to “which better?” is that it all depends on the project at hand. LED and neon are completely different, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. To learn more feel free to reach out to us.