Channel Letters

Signal Signs has over 30 years of experience in not only selling channel letters, but also in manufacturing, installation, and servicing them.  We have our own equipment, thus cutting out the middle man, and we are capable of doing any type of channel lettering.

Channel letter signs project a very sharp, professional image.  That is why many buildings, shopping centers, and national chains insist on channel letter signs for their developments.  

Channel letters are a superior signage choice for many reasons.  Each set of channel letters has an individual structure and separate illumination with LEDs or neon, resulting in a highly visible signage presentation.  Channel letters can be produced in almost any size, font, or color. Due to  each letter manufactured separately, channel letters can be matched exactly to your needs.

They have an enormous amount of ‘stopping power’ that makes an impression on prospective and current customers.  Contact us today for a quote on your channel letter signage project.

There Are Different Types Of Channel Letters Available

Front Lit

Front Lit are the most common channel letter type.  As the name implies, they emit illumination with LEDs or neon  from the front (or face) of the letters.  Front lit channel letters can be either raceway or flush mounted to the building.  Each set of channel letters is custom from the  font, size, and color.

Reverse Lit

Reverse Lit channel letters provide a distinguished look.  These letters are also called ‘halo lit’ or ‘backlit’ letters that are illuminated with LEDs or neon.  They are produced with aluminum faces and returns.  The backlit letters are mounted away from the wall so a halo forms behind them.  In addition, reverse channel letters have a clear polycarbonate back to prevent animals from nesting/entering inside the letter.

Open Face

Open Face channel letters are an excellent choice for businesses that need a highly conspicuous night signage presence.  Neon, which is actually exposed, is the illumination source.  Generally the face of this letter is open, but an optional clear acrylic face is available.

Front/Back Lit

Front/Back Lit channel letters are used if you are looking for a vibrant and attention-generating channel letter sign.  As the name implies, these letters emit illumination using LEDs or neon  from the front and the back.  Just as with reverse channel letters, front/back lit letters have a clear polycarbonate back to prevent animals from nesting/entering inside the letter.

We provide both LED and Neon illumination

LED usage for channel letter illumination has increased substantially over the last few years.  LED illuminated channel letters are energy efficient, low voltage, and the lightweight design of an LED module virtually eliminates breakage.  

However, neon illumination has a certain warm glow that LED has yet to match.  Open face channel letter signage still require neon, but it is also used often in reverse and front/back lit channel letter signs.   The answer to ‘which illumination source is better?’ all depends on the project at hand.  Although completely different, each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

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