Electronic Message Centers

Electronic message centers provide the ideal way to create eye-catching messages to inform your customers and drive sales.  The ability to announce any sale, special, or message at anytime is a powerful means to capture the attention of existing or potential clients.  Whether it be announcing a sale or the hours of your business, EMCs quickly get the message across to your customers.  Signal Signs can provide any size and style of EMC to fit your specific situation and environment.  Our EMCs are both strong and durable, built to last and withstand any type of weather condition.  Our high resolution displays, from monochrome to full color, offer the most brilliant and stunning visual imagery displaying your logo and corporate color scheme with remarkable accuracy.  LED technology also makes them easy to manage and program.  This brilliant technology is impacting advertising and communication all over the world.  Join in at the forefront and call Signal Signs today for your own amazing electronic message center.

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